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In Honor of the Blue Footed Booby

Yes, if you haven't already heard about the Blue Footed Booby, it's a really amazing bird that inhabits the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. The Booby is born all white and doesn't get its blue feet until about age 2. The blue comes from their diet. Male Blue Footed Boobies are very proud of their blue feet and as part of their courtship they show off their feet to their intended female by lifting their feet. The motions that the birds go through are similar to what we humans would think of as a dance. They are truly an amazing bird to follow and I highly recommend looking them up on Instagram to see some wonderful videos as well as photos of these birds. In honor of my admiration for the Blue Footed Booby I made a few sculpts out of my favorite medium, polymer. When creating my BFB sculpts I went through steps that I don't normally take with new sculptures. I made sketches. I made small models. I modified my armature so that the feet are securely attached to their bases. Basically I went all out for the BFB. My fourth and most recent BFB sculpt is shown in my post's photo. He's taller than most of the things that I make, measuring in at 10" without the base. I'm anxious to make a few more, but that might have to come after the holidays. But that could be my Christmas present to myself.