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Happy Daisy's Daisy

Not long ago a woman contacted me about making a dog portrait sculpture for her mother's birthday. It was a special gift and the pressure was on for me to make this portrait extra special. She sent me several photographs of sweet Daisy, both posed as well as in action. I absolutely fell in love with Daisy. What a happy dog! Daisy was such a fun project. I learned all about making daisies as well as painting them. I love learning something new. As I worked on "The Daisy Project" I was able to make modifications. I realized that the face was not quite right, so I added more clay, poofed out the jowels a bit and ended up with a finished project that I'm very happy with - Happy Daisy!

As I go through photos of past custom pieces, Daisy stands out as a happy smiling pup that I'd like to revisit one day.