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Collaborations can be so much fun and many times can jump start the creative process. As someone suggests one thing your mind can go off in tangents and ultimately a new and wonderful piece can be the end result. So many times I get to collaborate with wonderful customers who bring their ideas to me and ask that I give their ideas three dimensions. My latest collaborative effort was with a lampwork bead artist, Debbie Altman of All My Beads at

Debbie sent me a message asking if I could/would create a fish that's in my shop but add glasses and use her (Debbie's) beads for the accents coming off the dorsal and lower fins of the fish. Almost always up for a challenge I said "sure." So Debbie sent me a collection of her beautiful beads and I went to work making the fish. As I always do, I checked in with Debbie as I made progress through the process. Debbie, thankfully, had specific ideas regarding the beads and how they were integrated into the sculpture. We went back and forth and ultimately came up with a wonderful sculpture. I now have Debbie on my go to list for beads when I need them.