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Going to the Dogs

People ask me quite frequently if I make dogs, in addition to the fish and cats. And my answer is always, no I don't make dogs just to make dogs. There are way too many breeds. But if someone came to me and asked for a dog and provided me with photos, I would definitely make a dog. Then, while at a Saturday Market that I was vending, a photographer suggested that I make a dog that I could use to show people that I actually make dogs and then perhaps orders would flow from there. My thought was to use our dog as my model for the first and take it from there. This was back in November 2017 and things got busy with the holidays and I didn't have a chance to make my "sample" dog. But luck would have it a customer came to me asking if I could make dogs for her in my whimsical colorful style and I said yes! So I wrapped up the holiday orders and started work on the first of the pups for my customer. It took me a little while to get over the artist's block that I had, but once I got started the ideas flowed. The pup shown in the accompanying photo is my finished custom order dog. I call her Rosie, but she's got a bit of Rocker in her. Perhaps Rocker Cocker would be a better name.